Name:-  Aakriti Jain
Reseach Area:- Multi-omic investigation of resistance mechanism in fungal pathogens
Name:-  Govind Rao Dabburu
Reseach Area:- Deep Annotation of Microbial Genomes
Name:-  Manisha Aswal
Reseach Area:- Virulence Factors of Pathogenic Bacteria
Name:-  Deeksha Pandey
Reseach Area:- Characterization and analysis of antimicrobial resistance using in-silico tools
Name:- Shumaila Iqbal Siddiqui
Thesis Title:- Role of ion channel in neurodegeneration                  
Name:- T Daniel Tuikhang Koren
Thesis Title:- Electrophysiological and Biophysical Studies of Ion Channel Involved in Learming and Memory.
Name:- Bhanu Sharma
Reseach Area:- Computational Modelling of Neuronal Plasticity
Name:-  Anchal

Reseach Area:-  FK506 binding protein(FKBP), a class of PPlase Proteins

Name:-  Nikita 
Reseach Area:-  in-silico structural and functional characterization of pro sequences